About Us

Our Story


Peter has been an avid wine collector and educator since the 1970's.

It was long a dream of Peter's to produce his own wines. That dream is now a reality with Peter William Vineyard. Coming in the summer of 2020, look for the addition of a new weekend tasting venue!

Our Vineyard


Peter planted his first vineyard in 2007. The current vineyards were planted on a hillside  below Peter & Robin's home overlooking the Rogue Valley in 2013. The vineyards have beautiful rocky soil with excellent drainage. Our first commercial harvest was the 2016 vintage. We're soon to release our third vintage, with the 2019 Tempranillo Rosé. 

Our Wines


We are producing wines that express the terroir of our hillside vineyard. We grow Syrah, Grenache, Tempranillo and Malbec.  We'll soon be releasing our "PWV Reserve" series. We source some other grapes from the best local vineyards. We make both varietal wines, and traditional blends for our Peter William Wines.

Our Team - the Principals

Peter Adesman, Owner


 Thanksgiving 1975 is where my wine journey began.  My uncle, an avid wine collector, introduced me to a 1970 Chateau Figeac. The wine was exceptional and had me at the 1st taste.  After that experience, I developed a deep appreciation and started collecting wine on a budget. 

I started organizing wine tastings first in Portland where I was in training and then in New York where I started my medical career in gastroenterology. When we moved to Oregon, the tastings continued. Along with the tastings my collecting accelerated - much to my wife’s dismay.  My passion for wine deepened.

Finally, I decided to venture into the wine business by planting a vineyard.  I started with a few vines in our backyard.  Then, my wife and I moved to a property where we could plant a 10-acre vineyard. That is how Peter William Vineyard was born.  I am very excited to be part of the winemaking community in Oregon.

Robin Miller, Co-Owner



Robin enjoys wine and is thrilled to be living on a vineyard. She particularly loves the view over our vineyard & the Rogue Valley.
Her true passion is dancing.  Rather than working in the vineyard, she would be more likely to be seen dancing hip hop through it or dancing West Coast Swing in the wine tasting room overlooking it.
Robin enjoys coming up with fun ads and marketing ideas for our wines.
In addition to helping write some of the content for this website, Robin was instrumental in finding titles for some of the wines. She is especially proud of  naming  “Robin’s Red”

Vegas, Vineyard Dog


 Vegas is no ordinary vineyard dog. A Black German Shepherd, we rescued Vegas several  years ago. He is our constant companion. As a Service/Comfort Dog, Vegas often accompanies Robin to her medical practice, where he is much loved by her patients, who find his presence both calming and reassuring.

Vegas has two main jobs at Peter William Vineyard. His primary responsibility is to get underfoot whenever there is work to be done, especially when serious wine tasting is going on. His second responsibility is to chase away unwanted critters in the vineyard. Unfortunately, he too often seems to find a wily skunk that gets the better of him.

Seriously, Vegas is a never-ending source of companionship and entertainment. Encourage him, & he’ll start talking to you about any subject. You might not understand him…but perhaps you need to study German!

Our Support Staff:

Carmen Fuhriman - Sales Associate


By day? She's Peter's medical assistant. In her spare time? Carmen's love of wine & desire to be involved has led her to join the Peter William Vineyard team as a Sales Associate. Some people just can't get enough of Peter!

Carmen helps present & pour our wines at special events. She's had lots of fun pouring our wines for folks who've never tried them before - and she does a great job!

Our Vineyard & Winemaking Partners:


  • Results Partners, Vineyard Management
  • Eric Weisinger, Consulting Winemaker
  • Barrel 42, Consulting Winemakers
  • Scott Steingraber, Consulting Winemaker
  • Linda Donovan, Consulting Winemaker


In this picture, you'll see Peter in an intensive therapy session with his "Wine Therapist," Eric Weisinger.